At Red Kite Framing, our aim is to make the process of selecting the best mouldings and mounting options for your artwork, photographs, treasured items or whatever it is you would like us to frame, an enjoyable experience. Talk to us so that we know what sort of effect you want the finished piece of work to have, and where you are thinking of displaying it in your home or place of work. That way, we can advise you on the most suitable options available. We want you to be delighted with the end result and show it off to your family and friends! It’s what makes us happy and we will do all we can to achieve this aim.

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Measuring up

When we come to framing your work we take great care to make sure that the finished dimensions of the frame match exactly the specification that was agreed when you visited Red Kite Framing.


We offer numerous glazing options from standard float glass to super clarity anti-reflective glass with ultra-violet filtering and all options in between.


At Red Kite we can produce bespoke mounts in a vast range of shapes and sizes. We only use acid-free mount board, and can even offer you the option of 100% cotton board for rare and valuable pieces.

Cutting and joining the moulding

We are able to offer hundreds of different mouldings to suit all tastes and images. We only use top quality wood and aluminium mouldings from Larson Juhl, one of the top framing companies in the UK.

Assembling the work

We take this final painstaking process very meticulously to ensure we meet our own strict quality control. The glass must be spotlessly clean with no dust specks inside the sealed unit.

Quality control

Even though we check the quality of finish and workmanship at each stage of the process, we still double check your framed work for any problems before being packed away to await collection.

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